Watch Blades of Glory founder, Tony Sbarro discuss how artificial turf is helping families keep their yards looking nice and reducing overall costs too.

Transcript from the story:

"Our meteorologist Roberta Gonzalez shows us how she's doing her part by replacing her lawn with synthetic turf. Homeowners from northern to southern California are swapping real grass for synthetic grass as climate change forever alters what a normal yard looks and smells like. The Bay Area is suffering the consequences of three consecutive years of drought. Water rationing and mandated limited days you can water has taken its toll on homeowners and their precious lawns. Because of the drought, we've been a lot a lot busier and actually the not to bring it up, but the pandemic also helped us too because a lot of people were staying at home and renovating their homes instead of spending money traveling and going on vacations with their family this isn't the hard tough fading grass of years past today synthetic grass is nearly identical to the real thing welcome to the world make it and fake it but does it look and feel real this is american-made product uh this this one particular has a a
lifetime warranty. It also has a plant-based backing, so it's all natural. So when it does come time to tear this up and dump it, it's completely environmentally safe for dumping. And you know what? It's not going to bother my allergies either. No allergies. Strong reaction to grass. There are some environmental benefits to using synthetic grass. Unlike a real lawn, Fake grass doesn't need to be mowed with a fossil-fueled mower or electric. And of course, there is no watering. Maintenance really is pretty low maintenance. You're going to be just basically taking a blower to blow off any debris that may be landing on the grass. A quick rinse down if it's not raining like it hasn't been. And what about your animals? It's environmentally safe, pet-friendly, child-friendly.
It's a plant-based product. So it's actually made out of... It's plant-based, so it's all natural. How long does the process last? This project took us four days to complete from start to finish. You're going to save in the long run. Definitely you'll get your money back, I would say, probably in the next five, six years, it'll be all paid for. And the life expectancy of this turf, as you're looking, out of 15 plus years. So I've been forecasting weather for over half my life and tearing up my lawn was really a scary thing, but it just seems like with the current drought that continues to go on and on, it's the most responsible thing to do. Some people counter what happens to fake grass when it reaches the end of its life in 10 to 20 years.
Depending on the company, there is a recycling agenda. And while many companies are in the business of lawn removal and synthetic turf installation, Most of these businesses don't claim to be eco-friendly, meaning some critics say the synthetic turf blocks access to the soil beneath for insects. Not eco-friendly, but certainly a huge improvement in drought conservation in your home."