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Backyard artificial turf putting green installation ⛳️

Imagine being able to practice your golf game in your own backyard. Not just your putting but your entire short game. (Go on, picture yourself wearing that green jacket!)

Every Blades of Glory installation is built to exact specifications producing the most attractive, high-performing practice surface available anywhere. Our infilled synthetic grass system looks and reacts just like a real grass putting green but without the daily maintenance. Green speeds and contours are engineered to your preference for challenging play or practice, providing feedback that will truly improve your game. It helps that we're golf nuts as well.

Check out the backyard putting green we did in Walnut Creek and also this stunner in Los Gatos.

Backyard putting green with two holes and Blades of Glory branded flags

How to make or build a backyard putting green

First off, call Blades of Glory to help install a synthetic lawn backyard putting green. Not only are we golf obsessed like you, but we're experts in creating putting greens that can improve your game.

Step 1: Design and Planning
The process begins with a consultation to understand your needs, preferences, and the available space in your backyard. Blades of Glory will assess the terrain and discuss the desired size and shape of the putting green, the type and speed of the turf, and any additional features like sand traps or contours that simulate a real golf course experience. Detailed measurements are taken to ensure the design fits perfectly within your space.

Step 2: Site Preparation
The designated area for your putting green is cleared of any existing grass, rocks, and debris. The ground is then leveled to create a flat surface. This may involve grading the soil and adding or removing dirt to ensure the surface is even. Proper drainage is crucial to prevent water accumulation, so this step might also include the installation of a drainage system beneath where the turf will be laid.

Step 3: Base Construction
A solid base is critical for a long-lasting and functional putting green. Typically, a mixture of crushed stone or gravel is used as the base material. This layer is compacted and smoothed to form a firm, stable foundation that facilitates proper water drainage. The thickness and material of the base can vary based on soil conditions and your specific needs.

Cutaway visual of the layers beneath a backyard putting green
We use SynLawn or Everlast products and create multiple layers of support for your putting green.

Step 4: Installing the Turf
Once the base is prepared, the selected artificial turf is rolled out and carefully positioned. The turf used for putting greens is specially designed to mimic the feel and roll of a real golf course green. Blades of Glory ensures that the turf is cut to fit the design, including any curves or intricate shapes. The edges of the turf are then secured, typically with nails or glue, to prevent shifting or lifting.

Step 5: Adding Infill and Final Touches
Infill is spread over the turf to help the synthetic grass blades stand up and to provide additional weight to keep the turf firmly in place. For putting greens, the infill material is often finer than that used for general landscape turf to allow the golf ball to roll smoothly and consistently. The surface is then brushed to distribute the infill evenly and to ensure the turf fibers stand upright.

Step 6: Detailing and Customization
This is the phase where any additional features are added, such as different cuts of turf to simulate rough areas, sand pits, or even slight hills and dips for more challenging putts. These features are designed to offer a more realistic and varied golfing experience tailored to your preferences.

Step 7: Quality Check and Walkthrough
Once installation is complete, Blades of Glory conducts a thorough inspection to ensure everything meets their quality standards and exceeds your expectations. This includes checking the turf for any loose edges, ensuring that the infill is adequately distributed, and verifying that the surface is level and smooth. You are then invited to inspect the new putting green and to provide feedback or request any adjustments.

Step 8: Maintenance Tips and Follow-Up
Finally, Blades of Glory provides you with maintenance tips to keep your putting green in top condition. This includes advice on cleaning, brushing the turf to maintain upright fibers, and checking for any issues with drainage or wear. They may also offer follow-up services to help with any future needs or adjustments.

By following these steps, Blades of Glory ensures that your backyard putting green installation is tailored to your desires, providing a professional, enjoyable, and low-maintenance golfing experience right at home.

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