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Bocce Courts: Get your Bocce on artificial lawns all dialed in

Nothing lights up the night like an always-on bocce court with pristine turf. We rollout the green carpet so you can roll out your high scoring games. Installing artificial lawn for your bocce court provides a perfectly flat, low-maintenance playing area, enhancing the game experience without the ongoing hassle and expense of natural grass upkeep.

Our artificial grass for Bocce  is the ultimate in backyard fun. With an immaculate playing surface, an ideal 1-degree pitch designed for efficient drainage, and a selection of bumper board options such as bender board and poured concrete curbing, your search for the best bocce ball experience ends here. Check out the backyard bocce court we did in Clayton and another bocce court in Walnut Creek.

How do you keep the Bocce balls rolling consistently?

Our artificial grass for Bocce system ensures a smooth, consistent roll of the ball with minimal bounce, thanks to its precision-engineered surface.

Is an artificial grass Bocce court easy to clean?

Enjoy a clean, low-maintenance playing experience, as this turf remains dust-free and needs no watering, keeping your court pristine with minimal effort.

Does it drain easily?

Our artificial grass for Bocce's advanced design features excellent drainage, preventing water accumulation and ensuring a dry, playable surface soon after rain.

How does it do during winter weather?

The durable turf withstands rain, heat, and cold, making it the ideal year-round solution for bocce enthusiasts.

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