Read why spring / summer is a great time to consider making the move to synthetic artificial lawns

Transform your landscape: why now is the perfect time to consider artificial turf

In recent years, the shift towards sustainable living has seen homeowners rethinking traditional lawn care. With ongoing water conservation efforts, rising maintenance costs, and increasing wildlife activity, now more than ever, artificial turf presents a practical alternative worth considering.

Water Conservation: A Necessity in Today's Climate

Water scarcity is an ever-present concern, accentuated by fluctuating weather patterns and prolonged periods of drought. Traditional lawns require significant water—up to 55 gallons per square foot per year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Switching to artificial turf installed can reduce this water usage by over 70%, offering a substantial way to conserve this precious resource while keeping your landscape lush and green.

"Since we had synthetic turf installed, our water bill has plummeted. It's comforting to know we're doing our part for the environment while saving money," shares Brent from Moraga, a homeowner who made the switch last summer.

The High Cost of Natural Lawn Maintenance

Maintaining a natural lawn is no small feat. It involves regular watering, mowing, fertilizing, and pest control, all of which add up in terms of time and money. Then again, synthetic turf installed requires minimal upkeep. No mowing or watering is necessary, and it stays green all year round without any fertilizers. Homeowners can save up to $700 per year on maintenance alone, not to mention the personal time saved from weekend lawn care.

Battling Pests and Critters

The aftermath of rainy seasons often leads to a surge in critter activity, particularly gophers that can devastate a natural lawn. Artificial turf offers a resilient solution. "We used to fight endless battles with gophers. Since installing artificial turf with gopher-proof backing, our yard is finally our own again. We picked a turf with some brown in it and it looks so real! I have to admit, I was skeptical about artificial turf (my husband wanted it) but now I am a believer," mentions Monica, a homeowner from Walnut Creek.

Additionally, most synthetic turfs come with integrated pest control systems that prevent infestations without the need for harmful chemicals, making it a safer choice for families and pets.

Financial Implications of Rising Water Costs

Despite the end of strict water restrictions in some Bay Area cities, the cost of water has not seen a corresponding decrease. Water agencies often cite the need for infrastructure improvements as a reason for keeping rates high. By significantly reducing water usage with artificial turf, Bay Area homeowners can protect themselves against these rising costs while contributing to regional conservation efforts.

Installation Process and Longevity

The process of having artificial turf installed is straightforward but requires professional handling to ensure the best outcomes. Proper installation guarantees longevity, with most high-quality artificial turfs lasting between 15 to 25 years. The investment not only adds aesthetic value to your property but also increases its market value.

Is Artificial Turf the Right Choice for You?

Choosing to install artificial turf is an investment in your property's future. Not only does it offer a beautiful, low-maintenance alternative to traditional grass, but it also supports a sustainable lifestyle. As more homeowners recognize these benefits, artificial turf is becoming a popular choice across the Bay Area and beyond.

"Installing a putting green in our backyard not only improved our golf game but also turned our home into the neighborhood hotspot. It's durable, looks great, and the kids love it too!" exclaims Larry from Benicia, echoing a sentiment many find after making the switch.

As you consider the benefits of artificial turf, remember that the right installation can make all the difference. Choose a provider like Blades of Glory, who can guarantee the craftsmanship and quality that will bring your landscaping dreams to life. Whether it's reducing your environmental footprint or creating a stunning outdoor space, artificial turf is an option that promises both beauty and practicality.